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Permanent Update

We promise that hacking tools will be updated and optimized as fast as possible to fit all private game servers

Full Functioning

Our hacking tool has more than 50 practical functions. It meets the needs of any user. Whether you use it for PVP or PVE

Full Automatic

Our hacking tool. Easy to use and set up. Can let you automatically kill all monsters and players. The game will become extremely easy

Permanent operation

we promise. Hacking tools will always run steadily. And it won't close easily. It's worth your choice

Auto Kill Monsters Or Players In Full Screen
Fast Recovery. Magic value. Health value.SD
Full Map To Lock Any Player Or Boss And Perform Remote Kill
Super Combination Attack Belonging To DK
Pick Up Auto. Discard Auto. Specified Items
More Auxiliary Functions. Accelerate. Attack. Lock. Pick. Track
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